Album News: Napalm Death, Oakenform, Eradikator, Kamikaze Zombie

A few updates, kicking off with an album that’s not actually ready yet…

Napalm Death

UK Grindcore pioneers Napalm Death never rest. Currently working on a new studio album to follow up 2015’s acclaimed Apex Predator – Easy Meat effort as well as 2018’s Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs compilation release, Napalm Death are now announcing a next European touring run for the summer, a tour of Russia in September as well as a return to North America in October with Municipal Waste and label-mates Sick Of It All.

Napalm Death’s frontman Mark “Barney” Greenway checked in with the following update:

The stinky van is calling again, and this summer looks to me like we’re reaching more parts of Europe than we have done in quite a few summers. Macedonia in July looks to be one that sticks out, as I recall that our last gig there was in the midst of the miserable Balkans war – it was that long ago. On another note, I know people are probably wondering about the next album. It is coming, we promise. Unforeseen circumstances and the kind of recurring touring schedule you see in front of your eyes have conspired to string it out quite a bit. It’s gonna be a multi-faceted rasper though, I think. Some nice ‘n’ quirky cover songs too. All will be revealed soon – just getting on with artwork and last couple of lyrics and all the usual window dressing. Alongside that, if it comes off, a nifty associated split release with a very-definitely-not-grindcore band is in the planning, which will neatly skip around convention and stereotype. And why not. Cheers all.

Those Euro-dates can be seen in the poster to the side. Click for bigness!


Russian downtempo deathcore band Oakenform have released their debut EP Agony Of The Human World. The EP was recorded at Shirman Sound Studio, mixed/mastered by Artyom Shirman.

Oakenform was formed in Glazov, Russia at 2018 by Artyom Shirman (vocals) and Sergey Provotorov (guitar). Soon after Igor Kozlov (bass), Michail Volkov (drums) and Maxim Sinitzin (guitar) joined the band, and the lineup was completed. Right now, the band is working on their debut album that will be released in 2020.


UK heavy metal quartet Eradikator return with new single “Poisoned To Sorrow” and announce the release of new album Obscura, set for 3rd August via Divebomb Records.

Check out “Poisoned To Sorrow” below.

Hailing from the birthplace of heavy metal – Birmingham, England – Eradikator are a four-piece heavy metal outfit that initially set out to create face-melting, ear-shredding metal that would make even the most hardened ears haemorrhage liquid steel. Back with Divebomb Records for their third consecutive release – following Dystopia (2013) and Edge of Humanity (2015) – the U.K. quartet has, however, broadened its palette and focused on masterfully crafted song writing with forthcoming nine-song full-length, Obscura.

Speaking of the new album, guitarist Andy MacNevin comments:

Obscura is about addressing the darker side of the human psyche. It’s a concept album that deals with the different stages of grief and how they impact the mind, looking at how we manage those feelings and ultimately try to move forward whilst not forgetting that which we have lost.

Kamikaze Zombie

Horror crossover extremists Kamikaze Zombie have returned with aptly-titled new album The Destroyer of All Things. The album is available now on all major streaming platforms. Check out the album in full below.

An old school crossover attack that combines black metal melodies, doom, sludge, and death metal breakdowns, and in-your-face punk/thrash aggression with lyrical content inspired by horror films, the follow-up to 2017 debut album Night of the Nuberus is one calamitous thrill ride! And let’s not forget about the serial-killer themed stage shows!

The Destroyer of All Things is also available on vinyl LP.



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