HammerFall announce new album – first song streaming now

Get ready for some real pounding metal from the masters of the art! HammerFall have announced Dominion which will be hitting shelves (very hard) on August 16th…

Joacim Cans describes the creation of “(We Make) Sweden Rock”, the first single:

This is a glorious tribute to the Swedish hard rock and metal movement with a lyrical theme using direct references to both other bands and songs. With catchy contagious riffs and enchanting (ear-worm) melodies this song will be an instant classic at future HammerFall shows. Without the Swedish rock and metal scene with bands like Heavy Load, At the Gates and Yngwie Malmsteen the world would be a pretty boring and dull place! This is our noble tribute to all the bands that inspired not only us to play metal, form bands and eventually crusading around the world in the name of Heavy Metal. All hail the sons of the northern light!

Dominion is HammerFall’s eleventh studio album, and second with Napalm Records. Today, Friday 3rd May, Napalm has launched a physical preorder for Dominion including CD, vinyl, and a limited edition Deluxe Box Set consisting of a digipack, limited 7” light blue vinyl, limited cassette, cover art print, photo cards, patch and sticker. To view a variety of the Dominion merchandise head to the band’s website,

The band has also unveiled the album cover art and tracklisting for Dominion. The artwork was created by renowned visual artist Samwise Didier.

  1. Never Forgive, Never Forget
  2. Dominion
  3. Testify
  4. One Against the World
  5. (We Make) Sweden Rock
  6. Second to One
  7. Scars of a Generation
  8. Dead by Dawn
  9. Battleworn
  10. Bloodline
  11. Chain of Command
  12. And Yet I Smile

Hammerfall: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | myspace

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