RIP Colin Sheach (Defacer)

Posted a little earlier on Defacer’s facebook page:

Colin passed away this morning after losing his long battle with cancer.

As most of you know, he was battling this for the longest time but unfortunately he couldn’t battle it for any longer.

At Defacer HQ and to those who knew him, you can understand the loss and the heartbreak we are feeling right now. Colin undoubtedly touched the hearts of everyone who met him and knew him.

This is the end for Defacer. Thanks to everyone who took the time to listen/see us and we love you all 

Take this as an inspiration to live your lives to the fullest. Colin would have wanted that for everyone

“Mama didn’t raise no bitch” – Colin Sheach

A very sad piece of news, obviously, though many of us will carry memories of Colin thrashing the drums for the Kirkcaldy-based act. Our thoughts are with Colin’s family and friends.

Photo by Gary Cooper

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