Heavy Music Awards 2019 voting panel unveiled, finalists announced 1st May, Moshhh announced as official content partner

A whole heap of news coming from the HMAs today for 2019…

Ensuring diversity and impartiality are key factors in the voting process – the best way to ensure fair, democratic shortlists that reflect this wonderfully eclectic music scene is to welcome the passion and knowledge of as many people from as many different backgrounds as possible.

For 2019 Heavy Music Awards are immensely proud to welcome around 600 industry insiders to the panel – from label heads to venue managers to PRs to festival founders to designers to sound engineers to journalists to tour managers and everything in between, and representing pretty much every organisation you can think of across the heavy music landscape. Each of these individuals is asked to nominate their three favourites in each category – their nominations are tallied up, and the top seven in each category are finalists, which the public then votes on. There is no other factor in the process. You can take a look at the full list here and spot some recognisable names.

The finalists for the third annual Heavy Music Awards will be unveiled at 2pm on Wednesday 1 May, when public voting will also open. Have a view of the video to see the message they got from one of their friends…

Finally, Kent media studio Moshhh has signed up to become the Official Content Partner for the third annual Heavy Music Awards.

Having built a reputation for high quality output in recent years with sessions for the likes of While She Sleeps, Holding Absence, Chapter & Verse and Delaire, The Liar, the Margate-based team will now work closely with the HMAs to bring interviews and live footage to fans throughout the evening as part of the HMAs’ digital-first approach for 2019.

Moshhh founder Charlie Ryan said:

We’re super stoked to be working with the Heavy Music Awards to bring coverage of this year’s event to heavy music lovers all over the world! We’ve long admired their dedication to supporting and recognising the very best heavy artists, and it’s a real privilege to be working with the team.

HMAs co-founder Andy Pritchard said:

We’ve been following Moshhh’s growth for a long time and seen them raise the bar consistently. They’re progressive, passionate and knowledgable, and together we’ll now be able to reach a far greater audience as we push content live almost immediately, all evening. Our intention has always been to make the HMAs as inclusive as possible, and with our audience spread across the whole world this is a great way for us to bring as many fans to the party as possible. This is a really important step in growing the HMAs’ global engagement and we’re very excited to be taking it with Moshhh.

For more info on Moshhh – click here.

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