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Album News: Gloryhammer / Sxuperion / Grenouer / Inanimate Existence

Start spending your payday cash a couple of weeks in advance…


Mighty warriors of the galaxy! Gloryhammer have returned from another epic quest, which led them from beyond the galactic terrorvortex through “The Land Of The Unicorns” right into the glorious “Battle for Eternity”. The whole story will be told on their new album, Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex, out on May 31st via Napalm Records!

Back in our universe they forged multiple versions of what will be known as the best power metal album of all time.  The heroes around Angus McFife XIII recruited an intergalactic orchestra to create a symphonic version of the whole album. It will be added as a bonus album to specific formats of Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex. Keep your eyes open for the right format to not miss these cosmic sounds!

Make sure to grab a copy of this power metal masterpiece. Especially the strictly limited editions, which will sell out fast!

Zargothrax on the new album:

Oh wow! I know a lot of people have been waiting on this album for what seems like centuries. For the last three years we’ve been working non-stop on it in absolute secrecy, and now it is finally complete! We can’t wait for y’all to hear it…this is the greatest power metal album of all time. HOOTS!


Quantum-level chaos ensues as doom-laden death and ethereal madness are brought forth on May 3 with the release of Sxuperion’s Endless Spiritual Embodiment. The new album from multi-instrumentalist (and Valdur drummer) Matthew will be released through Bloody Mountain Records.

Deep, disturbing death metal with layers of atmospheric cosmic doom, Endless Spiritual Embodiment is the next logical step after 2014 mind-bender Cosmic Void.


Grenouer’s 9th full-length album Ambition 999 is out now in physical and digital through Greek record-label Sleaszy Rider Records. The album was recorded and produced at several studios, including Finnish Astia Studio (Children Of Bodom, Ensiferum), and subsequently mixed by Giuseppe ‘Dualized’ Bassi (Fear Factory, Mnemic). The album cover was designed by Jobert Mello & Sledgehammer Graphix (Sabaton, Primal Fear). Over 55 minutes duration, the album is crafted as modern melodic metal with rock elements.

About the new album, the band says:

Grenouer’s 9th album turned out to be a long-term project for the reason that the band was going to walk off the beaten path. It was about viewing modern metal/rock sound from a different angle, however, there are always different ways to measure angles. Grenouer travelled to Finland to start recording with Anssi Kippo at Astia Studio, the producer no stranger to the band. All instruments were recorded, yet the musicians felt the wrong turn of sound direction, the material predominantly started to resemble live sound hard rock/grunge recording, and pumped the brakes.

It literally took the band several years to reproduce the album, a lot of was modified and ultimately re-recorded. The album was mixed by Giuseppe ‘Dualized’ Bassi (Dysfunction Productions), and Grenouer managed to score the sought outcome. Ambition 999, a long album, different from two previous albums in terms of riffing intensity and rapid-fire solos, is balancing between new and clichéd, double density and marked vocal temperament. Imagine Duran Duran turning out metalheads – this is where Grenouer has arrived.

Inanimate Existence

California-based progressive/technical death metal trio Inanimate Existence is proud to announce the upcoming release of their fifth full-length album, Clockwork. The album is set for a May 10th release date through The Artisan Era. It is the follow up to the group’s highly praised fourth album, Underneath a Melting Sky, which was released in 2017. Active since 2011, the band has yet to slow down in between regular extended touring on a near yearly basis and with four well-received albums released to date already.

On Clockwork, Inanimate Existence returns with another intricately crafted death metal experience driven by duality and experimentation. Continuing the group’s evolution found on 2017’s Underneath a Melting Sky, Clockwork delves ever deeper into cerebral progressive death metal depths while buoyed by the group’s established penchant for merciless full-throttle brutality and frenetic tech-death driven terrain. The stunning cover artwork for Clockwork was created by Justin Abraham (Equipoise, Oubliette, A Loathing Requiem, Aepoch) who the band had previously worked with to create the art for Underneath a Melting Sky. The recording was handled by both the band itself and with usual collaborator Zack Ohren (Fallujah, Continuum, Alterbeast) who mixed and mastered Clockwork at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California.

The band describes Clockwork‘s thematic focus as “dealing with the human tendency to struggle with the acceptance of mortality and our limited time on earth. It explores the questions we torment ourselves with during life along with the irony of how small and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of the universe. The title refers to the mechanisms of a clock and how every tick brings you closer to your doom.” Fans of Deeds of Flesh, Decrepit Birth, Continuum, and Arkaik will find much to love through Inanimate Existence – Clockwork.

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