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Asylum Pyre

N°4, as an ironic reference to Chanel’s N°5 is the finest fragrance Asylum Pyre could possibly offer. Continuing the concept started 10 years ago, the 12 songs of this album illustrate what Asylum Pyre waves as a flag: 12 different atmospheres, 12 hooking choruses, 12 modern poetries.

The whole is borne by a massive sound, flawless musicianship and the incredible voice of the leader of the resistance. Join “My Eternal Trees Amok Legion (M.E.T.A.L.)” and its perfect blend of modernity and tradition. Tree Your Mind, sing and fight with us! Asylum Pyre releases its 4th modern power metal album since 2009, with musicians from Sirenia and ex-Heavenly, on April 26th.


muet is the sound of American noir. Sonically defiant art rock sung under the shadow of a long brim hat. Deliberate dissonance and heartbreaking melody stitched together beneath sodium light with tales of the tragic, the romantic and the bizarre. The band features Steven Seibold, Daniel Evans and Vince McAley, who have all served time in post-industrial bands such as Pigface, Chemlab, Die Warzau and Hate Dept.

Based out of Chicago, the trio are about to release their eponymous debut album. It hits the streets on March 22nd.

Dancing With Ghosts

Jacksonville-based electro-rock duo Dancing With Ghosts have announced the upcoming release of their new album Hex, out on all digital music platforms March 22nd. The duo touches upon personal topics on “Hex,” delving into darker lyricism that mirrors the album’s electronic production. All 14 tracks come together cohesively to create a body of work that’s a sleek combination of both electropop and active rock.


Rottenness return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the EP End Decision. Following up on the epic split album The Hate Divide, Mexican/U.S. deathgrinders Rottenness features a new lineup of Carlos Estrada (Animals Killing People) on bass and Mateo Johnson (Gorgatron) on drums. End Decision features the new title track as well as a cover of Sepultura’s “Biotech Is Godzilla”. Gore-filled brutality for fans of Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Pungent Stench and Disgorge.

Purchase the $1 digital download on Bandcamp now

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