Splintered Halo to release Halloween single on… erm… Halloween

Glasgow’s Splintered Halo have floated through our crosshairs a couple of times, opening for various touring acts. Taking lyrical inspiration from various films and nursery rhymes, they offer a very strange and warped sound mixing metal, fairground themes and lunacy in an off-kilter style. Basically, if you really enjoy having nightmares then they’re probably a band to check out.

Just in time for their favourite time of the year, they’ve recorded “Float”, an ode to Pennywise. Because everyone loves clowns. Especially ones who live in drains. Right?

It’s as bonkers and weird as you should expect if you’ve come across these guys before. Evilyn’s vocals range from rocky to growled to mentally disturbed off-key and pretty much encapsulate the band’s sound alone. Add the churning guitars and beats, and some recorded funfair background samples and you have something that rocks you, while at the same time has you looking for the nearest exit. You know. Just in case.

“Float” is out on October 31st and will be grabbable from Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes and other streaming platforms.

Splintered Halo:  facebook | twitter | tumblrbandcampbigcartel

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