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Parasitic Twins

Ripping a page from the Killing Joke school of lo-fi noise, then setting it on fire via the way of Today Is The Day and Godflesh, Hull’s scariest kids, Parasitic Twins are gearing up to unleash their debut EP; the furious All That’s Left To Do Now Is Sleep With Each Other on October 26th. Recorded live and raw, at Melrose Yard Studios in York, the hardcore duo, made up by guitarist/vocalist Max Watt (Rotting Monarchs) and drummer Dom Smith (Mary and The Ram), have performed together previously as part of Seep Away was born of a desire to create the most abrasive sound they could.

Discussing their debut single, “Massive”, Watt had this to say:

It’s about that mental sense of abandon that comes once in a while and turns our lives into ash. Temporarily, of course. Everyone’s been in that place where long term plans and prospects just become irrelevant and all you can focus on is immediate day to day shit, and one day you wake up and think “Goddamn, what was all that noise about?” At the time it’s huge but with time just becomes a notch in your past, then you gotta make the reparations, and push all that negative shit to the back.

All That’s Left To Do Now Is Sleep With Each Other is set for an October 26th release.


German thrash/death metal band Processor have released their debut album Heliopolis. The album was recorded at Walzwerk Weilheim Studio, and mix and master was done by Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studios.

Processor was formed in 2014 at Landsberg am Lech, Germany by Matthias Hansel (drums), Christian Kirr (guitars) and Julian Planer (bass). In 2017 Jul Schumertl (ex-Hateful Agony) joined the band on the vocals and the lineup was complete.

Matt Finucane

Brighton-based musician Matt Finucane is set to release his new EP Disquiet on October 19th via Crude Records!

Happy to be “an explorer and purveyor of the wonderfully unconventional and confrontational”, as Ringmaster Reviews wrote. He takes his influences from art rock, Krautrock and horrible electronic noise, and says: “All my heroes are safely dead, but it’s not just playing at being Music’s Bad Conscience – I can recall when music meant something, in these days of deadly sonic perfection and pretend grit.”

Gigs are solo acoustic, in a duo, or full electric as the occasion demands. Albums are DIY-released and raw. This Mucky Age (2011) and Glow in the Dark (2012) – scored good reviews, followed by singles “In The Evil Empire” & “Lilith” in 2014 and 2015. After a writing binge, the first of a batch of new material emerged as an EP – Threaten Me with Your Love – in 2017.

Around this time Matt put together a live band (featuring Mik Hanscomb of Junkboy), gigged across the UK and kept working on songs. In May 2018, driven by the short-fused spirit of the times, he released an EP of abrasive, noise-heavy protest songs, appropriately called “Ugly Scene”. This is to be followed in October with the opposite half of the picture, a mellow slab of grandeur and weirdness called “Disquiet”. Again, the clue’s in the title…


JOANovARC (c) Katie Frost

JOANovARC will release their new passionate, soulful and powerful self-titled album JOANovARC through Pledge Music/ Holier Than Thou Records on Friday 15th February 2019.

The new album follows JOANovARC’s critically acclaimed debut album Ride of Your Life (2016) produced by Grammy award winning producer Gil Norton and recorded at Rockfield Studio. Gil Norton dubbed the band as ‘The new Queens of Rock’.

JOANovARC was recorded at Orange Tree Studios, produced by JOANovARC and Andy Hodgson, mixed and mastered by Romesh Dodangoda (Funeral for a Friend, Bring Me The Horizon, Stone Broken).

To celebrate the release of the first single from the new album – “Girls Wanna Rock” – JOANovARC will embark on their ‘Girls Wanna Rock’ October/November 2018 UK Tour.

All profits from the sales of the single will go towards the Pink Ribbon Foundation (Reg. Charity No. 1080839). The charity single launch for “Girls Wanna Rock” will take place at Big Red in London on Friday 19th October.

Tickets for all concerts can be booked via

  • 14th Oct – One Night Of Rock, Queens Theatre, Hornchurch
  • 19th Oct – The Big Red, London (official JOANovARC single launch)
  • 20th Oct – Club 85, Hitchin
  • 10th Nov – Percy’s Cafe, Winchurch, Wrexham
  • 11th Nov – The Victoria Club, Bloxwich, Walsall
  • 17th Nov – Melbourn Rock Club, Royston
  • 18th Nov – The Robin 2, Wolverhampton
  • 23rd Nov – Amersham Arms, London
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