Slay Duggee release “I Am A Shape” and Kickstarter campaign

After regaling us with the beauty that was a heavy metal rendition of “Stick”, the kings of toddler metal return with plans for their first debut album. I assume they plan to follow it up with a second debut album, but in the meantime you can help fund the original (and probably the best) via Kickstarter.

A stick, yesterday.

Pledge items include a stick, a bigger stick, a much bigger stick, stickers, t-shirts (kids and adults sizes), CDs (only a fiver guv’nor), a guitar (sold!), dinner with the band, a gig at a soft play centre and the opportunity to buy your way into the band itself (if you have a spare £2k). For a bargain £6666 you can even have the band record a cover of a song of your choice… and you’ll own the only copy in the whole wide world. They’ll burn all the masters.

So if you want to help some madmen in furry costumes ruin modern day children’s anthems, then you know where to go. In the meantime, give your kids nightmares with their version of Mr Maker’s “I Am A Shape”.

Slay Duggee: facebook | twitter

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