Donate to SOPHIE, enter draw for tons of great prizes

This, ladies and gentlemen, this is why our scene is so strong. Witch Tripper’s bassist Stoph becomes that bit more haggered and worn in a week or so (14th June) and Facebook prompted him to collect donations for charity instead of birthday wishes, as it does.

So he clicked some buttons, set up a donation page and… then things went a bit mad. Offers of prizes came in from a festival. Or two. Or, actually, eight eleven. Also signed albums. And gin!

All you have to do is donate. There’s no set amount, but the £2000 target must be reached to trigger the prize avalanche. One lucky winner will be picked for each prize (unless one person scoops the lot and spends a fortune on fuel getting around all the events). The full list is as below:

  • The Sophie Festival will randomly choose 1 contributor to win free weekend tickets to The Sophie Festival 2018 at Rebellion in Manchester
  • John Badger (Badgerfest Promotions) will also give 1 random donator 1 ticket to Badger Fest 2018 The Sequel at Rebellion in Manchester! and 1 ticket to – Shrapnel, Solitary, Incinery And More In Manchester
  • Simon Yarwood (Uprising) will also give away 2 tickets to Uprising IV next year at De Montfort Hall
  • Prometheus Promotions will also award 2 tickets to RockWich 2018
  • Jason McGuire will also award 2 weekend tickets to Breaking Bands Festival 2019 – The Big 5th Birthday
  • Chris and Angel are kindly providing 2 tickets to Mosh against cancer Coventry
  • Mike Linehan From Lizard King Promotions will award 2 ticket to Cvltfest 2018!
  • Doug Harvey will donate 2 tickets to this year’s Fire & Forge Festival 2018 (Rock Diabetes – Fire & Forge Festival)
  • Phil Bruce has a signed In Search Of Sun album, Virgin Funk Mother, up for grabs
  • Phillip Deacon from Metal At The County Music Bar – Chesterfield will kindly donate a bottle of expensive gin
  • Martin Short Will donate – two weekend tickets for the inaugural RockForce Festival in Blackpool , May 2019
  • Scot Reedy Will also give away 2 tickets to Twatterfest 2018!!
  • Lee Sean Boardman – VizKill Promotions will give a lucky donater a pair of 12 Month VIP Memberships to all Vizkill events plus 2 copies of a Compilation CD they are creating for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation!
  • Stoph himself will also provide a tee shirt and album (Witch Tripper) to a contributor chosen at random
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