Banger TV announce Alex Skolnick as Shredders Of Metal judge

Banger Films, creators of Metal Evolution, Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage and now Banger TV – the go-to YouTube channel for metal nerdy-ness, have revealed Testament axe-man Alex Skolnick as the celebrity guest judge of an all new project of theirs titled Shredders Of Metal. Quite unlike their other creations, Shredders Of Metal is the first-ever talent competition for metal guitarists

The series will see seven metal guitarists shred-off over six episodes with Skolnick judging alongside Banger TV hosts Sam Dunn and Daniel Dekay. The series is set for a summer 2018 release with further details coming soon.

On the announcement, Skolnick says:

As a fan of Banger Films’ unyieldingly high quality output, from the Metal Evolution series to the docs on Rush and others, I was thrilled to be a judge on Shredders of Metal.

Co-founder and chief braniac behind Banger’s productions Sam Dunn will also see to the judging. He adds:

I’m proud that Banger Films is creating Shredders of Metal because it’s the first-ever metal guitar competition show created by metalheads, for metalheads. Blistering lead guitar is essential to the sound of metal — and it’s about time that a competition show honoured this decades-old metal tradition. Bring on the shredders!

Fellow host and thrash aficionado Daniel Dekay says:

I jumped at the opportunity to nerd out over guitar with such esteemed company as Alex and Sam. It’s poised to be a loud and intense competition and I can’t wait to see whose licks reign supreme!

After the recent completion of season two of their reviews section on the YouTube channel; Overkill Reviews, Banger has spent some time away to prepare for the next season. They have also launched a Patreon page where you can contribute to the awesome content they create.

Get hyped for that and if you’re not familiar with their work, check out the back catalogue of content they’ve amassed over the past few years over on their YouTube channel below. On a personal note, I would highly recommend the Lock Horns section where the team and a live comments section dissect metal genres and establish key bands and key albums… it’s rad!

Banger TV: official | youtube | facebook | twitter | patreon

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