Nickelback announce Death covers EP

In a bid to expand the ranks of Nickelback fans to include an even larger audience, the band have today announced a new covers EP. Entitled “NickelDeath”, it will feature covers of ten classic Death tracks (that’s right – Chuck Schuldiner and co) and is out at the end of this month.

Says frontman Chad Kroeger:

Death may not appear to be a huge influence on Nickelback musically, but they’re an act that at Mike (bassist) and I grew up with. Despite their history, they’re still quite an underground band and probably never got the recognition they deserved in the mainstream. We want to pay tribute to Chuck and Death, address that and maybe bring them in a few more fans.

Live dates? We don’t know. This is really only a studio project at the moment, but who knows – maybe we’ll “Chuck” a couple of songs onto the setlist on our current tour!

Nickelback hit the UK in May as part of a European tour.


  1. Altering The Future
  2. Pull The Plug
  3. Regurgitated Guts
  4. Individual Thought Patterns
  5. Leprosy
  6. Forgotten Past
  7. Open Casket
  8. Overactive Imagination
  9. Lack of Comprehension
  10. Spiritual Healing
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