RIP Juliana Lilith Tudos – GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses

As we posted earlier on facebook, and as many of you will now know, the body of Juliana Tudos was discovered by two friends who were out looking for her after she disappeared on the way home from work on Christmas Eve.

Juliana was one of us. A rocker, metalhead, punk… call her what you will. She worked at The World’s End, which sit above The Underworld in London, just over the road from The Dev. Some of our crew had met and knew her as punters in those venues. She was without a doubt loved by all her friends, family and colleagues.

A GoFundMe has been launched to help her family with funeral expenses. The target of £4000 has almost been met, but every little helps. As far as we can ascertain (and it’s sad that we had to check, but that’s the world these days) it is a genuine fundraiser and has been shared by several of her friends.

Friends have been meeting in The Dev to be together in this hard time. Don’t be alone. If you knew Juliana and you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to be with then please reach out. And for those who often head home alone at night, be safe. This was London, but we hear of similar awful incidents up and down the country.

Rest in peace, Juliana. You will be sorely missed by many.

As an aside, if anyone is struggling with funeral expenses then GoFundMe is a good place to go when you need to seek help. It’s one pressure less to worry about:

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