First chance to hear Kim Wilde / Lawnmower Deth’s forthcoming (hopefully!) xmas number one

Fancy hearing a small snippet of the upcoming “F U Kristmas” track, due to be dropped on December 1st? The first official, written and then recorded, not an impromptu live session or dodgy cover by a talentless bunch of kids song ever done by the amazingly talented Kim Wilde… and a talentless bunch of old men.

If you’re a Spotify-er, you can pre-order it over there as well.

If this keeps The X Voice or whatever the hell it is off the number one spot, then I for one will wet myself with delight.

Click this link for the tantalising tease!

Kim Wilde is playing in Manchester on December 22nd with the ‘Deth making an appearance as well.

Lawnmower Deth: official | facebook | twitter

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