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Salute Music Makers competition

Salute Music Makers is a new one on us, but from what we’ve gathered is a very interesting competition which is geared around encouraging the development of independent music. To quote some of their info:

Salute Music Makers offers musicians across the UK the opportunity to change their musical career entirely, without the unfair attachments that come with the many UK music competitions. The voting system is a world first, giving voters the ability to vote for their favourite acts via a facebook messenger bot. Voting closes on October 27th , at which point the user will have evaluated each track – the six acts who have made it to the final of the competition will be those who were featured in the most playlists at a specific time and date broadcasted through the bot once all tracks have been unlocked.

Spearheaded by the legendary former front-man of The Undertones, Feargal Sharkey, Salute are proud to be providing a platform for the up-and-coming songwriters of the UK. The Salute team of curators including Ras Kwame, Chris Tofu OBE, Jonathan Quarmby, Simon Perry (ReverbNation), Fiona Bevan, Dee Adam and Kwame Kwaten have evaluated and judged the top 100 artists, whose futures now lie in the hands of the most important people – the music lovers.

Entrants stand the chance of winning £50,000 in cash, while the other five shortlisted finalists will each receive a £10,000 cash prize, no strings attached. The Salute competition reflects the dramatic changes in the way new music is written, recorded and shared. Recent advancements in music technology enable music makers to create music almost anytime, anywhere and the quality of organic, original music emerging from home studios has never been higher and is constantly evolving.

One of our recent Bands of the Day, Lightscape, has made it into the top 100 which caters for – it seems – all genres. We dropped them a couple of questions to find out a little more about the experience.

How did you find out about Salute Music Makers?

We found out about the Salute Music Makers through Facebook. Unilad shared a video about the competition for unsigned artists so we jumped on it and applied straight away. Anything that gives unsigned artists a chance to boost their work and gain something is an amazing opportunity for musicians!

When did you found out you’d made it into the top 100?

We found out we made it in the top 100 around a month ago when our bassist Christy got a voicemail on his phone while at work. He had to sneak into the staff toilets to ring up and confirm, how rock and roll is that!

How big a change could it make to you as a band if you finished in the top six, or even as the chart-topper?

If we came in the top 6 or even first place, I don’t think we could spend it on something within our reach already (instruments, recording etc). It would have to be invested into something to take us to that next level, whether that be touring with a well established band, or having a huge marketing campaign. Whatever it is, it’s one step closer to making our dreams a reality.

To vote for us or any of the other great music artists, head over to the Salute Music UK Facebook page and message them on Facebook messenger, then just follow the instructions they give!

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