Help fix Lich King’s bus

Another band facing bad times are Lich King whose tour bus has turned into the money-sucking vehicle from Hell. For those who don’t want to read the whole article: now is a good time to buy their stuff and they’re offering a discount if you do! In their own words:

The Lich Bus of Monetary DOOOM

As we’ve alluded to in some recent posts, our ever-faithful Lich Bus has fallen on some hard times on our U.S. tour. Twice now, we’ve had what seems like a simple repair turn into a hugely expensive multiple day fix. Between the driveshaft repair, transmission rebuild (!), compressor belt and mount, alternator, two batteries, and renting four different vehicles to get to our scheduled shows, we’ve racked up some pretty heavy expenses that we didn’t anticipate on this run.

Despite all of this, we managed not to miss a single show thanks in part to Joe being an absolute trooper and waiting for the repairs to get done while we played a handful of shows as a four-piece. He even drove 9 hours from El Paso, made another repair to a hose on that trip, and got to the venue halfway through our set in Dallas to join us on stage. Pretty ridiculous. We also owe huge thanks to Against the Grain, The User Lives, ASS, and Insinnerator for letting us borrow gear for the shows where we didn’t have room to bring drums or cabs, as well as Hidden Intent for letting us pile into their van for a few trips.

We were fortunate to have some reserve cash to cover the repair costs, so we’re not in dire straits and don’t feel right resorting to a GoFundMe or something of that nature. However, we are in a pretty big hole right now, and if you do feel like helping us out we’re gonna have a couple things running for the next week or so:

You can use promo code “FIXLICHBUS” to get 15% off your entire order at our online IndieMerchstore – that goes for CDs, shirts, patches, stickers, koozies, pint glasses, everything in the store. The Omniclasm bundles are still up for grabs as well.

Our entire discography on our Bandcamp page is now pay-what-you-want – if you haven’t grabbed The Omniclasm with the two bonus tracks, or any of our other records for that matter, now’s your chance. We don’t have a way to do digital download discounts elsewhere, but all our albums are always available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Microsoft Store, CD Baby, and pretty much everywhere else online.

If streaming is your thing, we still get payouts anytime you stream our tracks on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Napster, Deezer, and most other streaming services.

If for some reason you hate receiving goods and services in exchange for your hard-earned money and just want to donate instead, you can donate via PayPal.

Lich King: facebook | bandcamp | indiemerch

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