Check out Crobot’s new and complete lineup

With brothers Jake and Paul Figueroa exiting Crobot earlier this year due to the classic “creative differences” reason, it was uncertain where the future of Crobot lay with Scorpion Child’s Alec Padron and The Sword’s ex Kevin Fender completing a temporary lineup.

It has been announced that the rhythm section has been completed by drummer Dan Ryan and bassist James Alexander Lascu also of Wilson (though he will remain playing with Wilson also). As they mention below, they are a fair way through recording the successor to 2016’s Welcome To Fat City (which Ross was rather enamoured by) with new material rumoured to arrive sometime next year.

Together, the Pennsylvanian quartet collectively state:

All is definitely well in the Crobot home nebula as we welcome the insanely talented and hard hitting Dan Ryan on drums and the power and monstrous bass playing of James “Uncle Jimmy Muscles” Lascu to hold down the heavy bottom. We are 50 songs into the writing process and we are excited about how productive we have been over the last few months. To say these guys are making us a better band would be an incredible understatement. Stay tuned for new riffin’ & groovin’ as we are planning for a 2018 release! Keep your beards tuned to that same ol’ Crobot transmission!

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