Celtibeerian launch a crowdfunding campaign for new album Deiwos and more!

Earlier this month, the young and promising Spanish band Celtibeerian asked for help through Verkami. At first, they needed 3000 Euros for the mastering of their upcoming album Deiwos. But then it escalated quickly since they reached and surpassed their goal within a week!

They decided not to stop there, though. At the moment, the money collected is about €3400 and they need just a little more to get a gorgeous and badass lyric video. On the top of this, donations come with seriously cool and exclusive packs: stunning t-shirts, bracelet, beers… And even private concerts! What more could we ask? Just go and get your goodies before it’s too late!

To tell a bit more about the band itself, we can’t really say they’re that new to the folk metal scene. Celtibeerian has already released three full-length albums including an acoustic one and I have quite a good memory of their last, Keltorevolution. I was seduced by the warm and dancing touch brought by Jonne Järvelä and Tuomas Rounakari on “This Simple Life“.

Apart from “party songs”, the main themes are a mix of tales and legends from different European peoples, although there’s always specific attention brought to the land of their origins, Celtiberia (the Celtic region of Spain).

Celtibeerian: official | facebook | twitteryoutube

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