Album News: SnakeyeS, Savant, Inertia, Zeit

It’s been a while since we had a little album roundup. There have been too many to keep on top of! But a few have cropped up recently that we reckon you should know about…


SnakeyeS, the band started by Jose Pineda, Justi Bala and Carlos Delgado (from the Spanish heavy metal act Sphinx) and Romanian singer Cosmin Aionita (9.7 Richter), have published the first audio sample from one of the songs off their new album, expected to be released later this year (during Q4). During the following weeks, SnakeyeS will reveal more information about the new record, including its name, track list, cover art, first tour dates, as well as new videos recorded during the studios sessions.

The new SnakeyeS album is being mixed and mastered by the band’s bass player and producer José Pineda. While preparing for the release of the album, SnakeyeS will premiere the first single off the new record in July 2017. Titled “Sign of Death”, the new single will be available as a physical CD Limited Edition, as well as on all major digital platforms.

In the following video, you can catch a glimpse of the guitar recording process for the new album, as well as listen to a short sample of “Cyberkiller”, one of the new songs from this record.


Brazilian thrashers Savant have released their new album Serial Killers’ Tales across many platforms. Purchase links follow, as does the entire album for you to listen to via Spotify.

CD Baby / iTunes / Amazon / Deezer / Spotify


Alternative rock band Inertia are showing off their native California roots in their new LP, The Process, out now. In 12 songs, the band explores a wide range of lyrical content, including narratives about growing up and standing tall in front of your own personal demons. Adapting an alt rock sound, the band also includes strong influences from bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, while also maintaining emotive clean vocals throughout the record. There are small senses of metal influences included as well, but Inertia keeps those to a minimum while still demonstrating a fierce and powerful, unique sound. About the album, the band states:

The entire album is a concept piece on growing up and becoming an adult. We spread a message of positivity through active rock music.


Germany’s Zeit have released their debut full-length Konvergenz.

Recorded and mixed in Leipzig, and mastered at Original Mastering, in Hamburg, Konvergenz continues the band’s journey into the spheres of sludge and doom metal that always find their path back to the realms of black metal.

The album is available on CD and cassette, and as a digital download.

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