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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Cosmic Shambles release first single – “It’s All Over Now”

Cosmic Shambles are a psych-grunge band hailing mainly from Manchester; though in truth they can claim to be from north of England as a whole, with members located on both sides of the Pennines. Formed initially as lead singer Sam Brunt’s solo project in late 2016, the band formed properly in late January of 2017 for a gig in Aatma on February 3rd of this year. Their sound combines many elements of alternative music within it, from punk to rock and grunge, to indie and psychedelia.

“It’s All Over Now” is the first single released with the full structure that the band are employing at the moment. It is a fully charged version of a song that was done during Cosmic Shambles’ time as a solo project.

The song begins with an intro-riff that builds into a chord progression kicking aggressively into a fast raunchy verse. Brunt’s voice rasps over the top of the pulsing drums and thundering bass. The band is only a three piece so each instrument features strongly in mix.

The song then slams into the pre-chorus riff before sliding into a reverby psych influenced chorus. The chorus feeds into the catchy guitar riff that denotes the next verse. That’s the thing about this song – each section feeds into the next seamlessly. The guitar solo rises up out of the chorus in a heady cacophony of guitar before the last chorus.

It is the outro that is my favourite part of the song, however. The guitar scratches out a riff before the bass and drums kick in for one final gut punch before the song ends.

Cosmic Shambles can be found playing around the UK. Their next gig is the 27th May at the Full Moon in Newcastle Under-Lyne. They are also part of the Victorians film soundtrack which will be coming out later on this year.

Cosmic Shambles: facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud | youtube

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