The Interactive Metal Genres Graph – The Holy Grail of Metal

When this popped up in my emails I knew it had to be posted. Finally we have a map that can trace all genres of metal to their influences and successors. Through painstaking research, everything has been linked, from early 60’s garage rock through to 90’s ambient black metal and the modern evolution of Babymetal-driven Kawaii metal and deathcore along with all the core’s and metal-isms you could feast your ears on.

This is all thanks to the brilliant who, as a result of their incredible attention to detail to musical, cultural and historical accuracy, have produced an awesome contemporary examination of the phenomenon of heavy metal.

This is something that has never ceased to fascinate me so I point enjoyers of this to any of Sam Dunn’s work on the evolution of metal or Ian Christie’s excellent “Sound Of The Beast”, but certainly support in advance for the hours of enjoyment that you will get from finding the most obscure music. The graph can be seen on the bound by metal site here.

Thanks to this Holy Grail of Metal, I’m going to introduce myself to pornogrind. [We’ve already reviewed some! – Mosh]

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