Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Local Mankato residents attempt to ban Alice Cooper show

Yes, that age-old debate has started up again, this time in North Mankato (MN) where a local woman has appealed to the city council to put in place restrictions on local shows by which she is “virtually tortured almost every single weekend” by the noise level reaching 110 decibels in her home “making the windows rattle”.

What’s her solution, I hear you cry? She’s aiming to set guidelines on which performers could play at Vetter Stone and which could not. Local glam-metal cover band “Hairball” is one she sites to be a cause of distress.  It is these types of gigs that she wants to be moved to the Verizon Wireless Center, while other concerts may remain in Riverfront Park.

This is where Alice Cooper gets into it. You’d have thought all the panic about Alice had died 45 odd years ago, sadly not. On Alice’s upcoming show she says:

The first act that I’ve seen that is being publicized is Alice Cooper and I’m to tell you here that I think Alice Cooper is going to be very similar to Hairball and Nelly. Having now looked up the lyrics… I don’t think it’s wise for our community to have to listen to foul language. I don’t think we have to listen to things about suicide.

Alice Cooper responded via twitter to say:

I’ll have my snake swim over some earplugs

A blast from the past for Alice, ever cool as a cucumber. I have no doubt a lot of people would pay folding money to see that. Locals say that if city officials don’t do something about the concerts, they will seek out resolutions in other ways. One can’t help but ponder what shenanigans the pensioners have in store for the unsuspecting Cooper crew, but wouldn’t that just be the ultimate showdown?

Video of the meeting can be found here. The comments begin at 30:06. Possibly the most entertaining part is when an attendee behind the lady raising the issue cracks up when Alice is name-dropped for “foul language” and songs about “suicide”. He is clearly reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

Alice is to bring his window-rattling noise here in November for the following U.K. tour:
  • 11th – Leeds – First Direct Arena
  • 12th – Glasgow – The SSE Hydro
  • 14th – Birmingham – Barclaycard Arena
  • 15th – Manchester – Manchester Arena
  • 16th – London – The SSE Arena, Wembley
Alice Cooper: official | facebook | twitter

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