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Alestorm – first details of “No Grave But The Sea” revealed

The fifth full length Alestorm record No Grave But The Sea is set to drop on the 26th of May through Napalm Records, and with song titles like “F*cked With An Anchor” and “Pegleg Potion” we’re surely in for a whale (a big, white one) of a time.

On their Facebook page, the band outlined different versions of the album that will be available, including a special Mediabook edition with a second CD entitled No Grave But The Sea for Dogs which is supposedly the same album except all the vocals have been replaced by a dog barking. Given Captain Bowes’ somewhat odd sense of humour we wouldn’t be surprised if this is true!

In addition there will be an “ultra-deluxe Wooden Box edition” of the album which contains the Mediabook, a compass, a deck of custom Alestorm playing cards, a poster flag, some postcards, and a bonus 7-inch vinyl single featuring the censored version of “F*cked with an Anchor” specially for the kids, as well as a song about pizza which was written in 5 minutes to fill up space.

This all sounds splendid although we’ve been told it “costs approximately the GDP of a small country” so… well that’s an option [it’s actually €47.99 plus postage – Mosh]. Although knowing Alestorm they may just be pulling our (wooden) legs so don’t quote us on this!

When asked about the album Captain Christopher Bowes said:

Oh wow! It’s a new Alestorm album! I hope all of you fellow humans and dogs like it; we think it’s pretty gosh darn ok! It’s also our first album to feature our grandiose guitarist Máté Bodor who brings his tasty and delicious solos and rifftacular riffing into the mix. This is the place in the press release where we would usually tell you this album is darker and heavier than our previous works, but that’s probably not true. It is, however, full of epic songs about pirates, drinking, and pseudoscientific cryptogeography. I’m sure y’all will enjoy those things just as much as we do.

The full tracklist of No Grave But The Sea is:

1. No Grave But The Sea
2. Mexico
3. To the End of the World
4. Alestorm
5. Bar ünd Imbiss
6. F*cked with an Anchor
7. Pegleg Potion
8. Man the Pumps
9. Rage of the Pentahook
10. Treasure Island

We’re just trying to figure out which one is about pizza!

More UK shows are sure to be announced soon. For the time being Alestorm are to grace the stages of HammerFest in Gwynedd in late March as well as Download on the 10th of June, hopefully bringing some new shanties for all to enjoy. The album can be pre-ordered here.

No Grave But The Sea is out on the 26th of May via Napalm Records

Alestorm: official | facebook | twitter

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