Evil Scarecrow get Parking Tickets of McDoooom!

OK, it’s the end of the day, we’ve just passed 6000 likes on facebook (not even a month after passing 5000) so why not end with a good, old fashioned “And finally…” piece? So *ahem-hem*…

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And finally, nutjob rock monsters Evil Scarecrow managed to net themselves not one, but two parking tickets in Glasgow a few days ago while setting up for their Cathouse gig. Due to their mad stage show requiring a large amount of Blue Peter style props, they had to transfer these from an oversized van up some stairs. Sadly, this involved them parking a smidge outside of the painted lines, despite their best efforts, and a yellow-ringed jobsworth ticketed them.


As anyone who’s been around the Cathouse (and indeed Audio and Classic Grand) in Glasgow, you’ll know that parking’s at a premium. Live bands make a pittance as it is, so to have extra bills chucked on top when they’re doing their best to improve the city they’re visiting is a bit rich.

Dr Hell has written a very nice letter to the council asking if they would be kind enough to send some forgiveness the band’s way and who are we to suggest that one amusing missive is enough? Surely there can be no harm in a few polite tweets to Glasgow Council on twitter? Sadly their facebook page doesn’t accept messages.

Be nice…

Evil Scarecrow: official | facebook | twitter | youtube


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