All That Remains release two new singles – “Madness” and “Safehouse”

American metallers All That Remains have released two new singles, “Safehouse” and “Madness”. These are samplers for something bigger however, as the band are scheduled to release their upcoming album Madness in April.

“Madness” is arguably the more rock sounding of the two tracks they’ve released. With clean vocals throughout and a very catchy chorus consisting of singer Philip Labonte lamenting “This is Madness, you know that this is Madness”. Featuring both piano melodies and simplistic grooving guitars, this is the sort of track that you can see being somewhat of a ‘sing-along’ track in a live set.

“Safehouse”, however, is a completely different beast. Right from the get-go this is a much faster track with super-speed riffing and drums courtesy of Oli, Mike and Jason. Mix this in with Labonte’s signature harsh vocals and you’ve got a track that will appeal to the masses in the pit at a show. That said, I personally prefer “Madness” for it’s easy-access rock qualities.

All That Remains: official | facebook | twitter

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