Punkers Nightlife announce debut LP, UK tour and release new lyric video

It’s quite a lot to take in, but whoever said the best things come in small packages? Salt and Acid will become available on February 24th, with a Jimmy Eat World/Smashing Pumpkins vibe about it. Bassist Lewis Harrison says “there’s never a dull moment on this record”, from “heavy riffs” to “stripped-back harmonised acapella” it’s certainly pricked our ears. You can give their sound a go by scrolling down to see the nicely animated video.

If you like what you hear, you may be able to catch them coming through your town on their January UK tour in a few weeks:

  • 17th – Surya, London
  • 18th – The Star Inn, Guildford
  • 19th – Latest Music Bar, Brighton
  • 20th – Queens Hall, Nuneaton
  • 21st – BrewDog, Leicester

Salt and Acid Tracklist

1) Left Alone
2) Purgatory
3) Out Of Your Mind
4) Broken Man
5) Blamer
6) Dilute
7) Lonely At The Wheel
8) Wholesome
9) Bullet Wounds
10) Wake Me When It’s Over
11) Salt & Acid

Nightlife: facebook | twitter | instagram

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