Wildhearts’ Manchester cancellation – some incredible news…

I’m sure a lot of people heard about Ginger having to cancel the headline show with The Wildhearts in Manchester recently. You can’t blame the guy, mind. After vomiting copiously, several times, while on stage with Hey! Hello! due to a nightmare of a stomach bug, he crawled back on stage and apologised profusely before stating that he just couldn’t continue.

This being The Wildhearts and the crowd being a Wildhearts crowd, this resulted in cheers and chants of “Danny! Danny!” rather than boos when the bad news was announced that said bassist was also being taken to hospital as he was so sick. I gather many fans wandered off to a nearby pub and got talking, making friends over some beers.

Well, get this. G.A.S.S., the Ginger Associated Secret Society, is organising some fundraising to help those who paid for travel from miles around to get to the rescheduled gig on January 26th if they are able. Following the conversation on the All Things Ginger Wildheart facebook group, some people are only after a floor to crash on and the like and I’m sure there will be a local or two who’ll offer to help them out.

The original post reads as follows:

If anyone can’t afford to make the rearranged Wildhearts gig in January then please email me at [address obfuscated – click to email] with details of how much travel and accommodation will cost you. The rescheduled show is on Thursday 26th January. We are going to set up a fund to enable as many people as possible to be able to make this gig. If you want to donate to help people to attend this gig then please make a payment via PayPal to “gigs_AT_ruthrock.co.uk” [fix the address, obviously – Mosh] – make sure you do this as a payment to a friend or we will get charged loads of fees. I want ALL the money we raise to help get people to this gig. We are not using Go Fund Me because there are 8% in fees taken.

Once again, I’m staggered by the attitude and togetherness of the musical community we’re a part of. From Pantera getting me into a gig free about twenty years ago because the PA broke at their Newcastle gig, to the incredible efforts for the Team Rock staff this week, there’s no shortage of caring and generosity amongst rock fans.

The Wildhearts: official | facebook | twitter | myspace | youtube

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Dave harry
Dave harry
December 23, 2016 11:13 PM

That pantera gig was at Newcastle city hall. I went to that. Was the far beyond driven tour. Every time Dime played a note on his guitar the power went off. And I was at the Wildhearts gig in manchester

December 31, 2016 10:52 AM

[…] donations to help people with travel costs, and to link people up with floors to crash on etc. See Moshville for full […]

December 6, 2023 2:49 AM

[…] donations to help people with travel costs, and to link people up with floors to crash on etc. See Moshville for full […]