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Carach Angren pressured to cancel Dutch show

carach-angren-logoCarach Angren unexpectedly found themselves in the middle of a political row caused by Dutch Christian political outlet ChristenUnie. Party spokesman Henk Stoffels issued a call for the ban of the band’s show at the P60 in Amstelveen on December 24th. He basically claimed the band was “satanic”, and their “demonic music would lead the youth astray”.

In several interviews, Carach Angren clarified:

“We are not and have never been a Satanic black metal outfit. We are a horror metal band telling supernatural stories on our albums and during our theatrical live performances.”

The Dutch masters of horror furthermore strongly rejected the accusation that they would lead youth to actions like that committed by Norwegian right-wing terrorist and Christian extremist Anders Breivik as insidiously claimed by Mr. Stoffels. In a sign of goodwill and forgiveness, Carach Angren sent their latest album and a lollipop to the politician.

Dutch media broadly reported the case and unanimously condemned this blatant attack on the freedom of art and speech. For our own input, we’d like to liken this to the worrying – though somewhat more threatening – behaviour being exerted upon bands in Russia and surrounding states. Thankfully the Netherlands have a more relaxed attitude to free speech and expression, but again our music is being set upon by the ill-educated looking for a target. “It’s noisy and I don’t like it,” seems to be the entire reasoning behind this attack on Carach Angren.

In fairness, this is the same kind of people who want Harry Potter banned as it promotes witchcraft so perhaps a lollipop is an apt gift for the educationally unevolved.

Carach Angren are opening for Fleshgod Apocalypse in January, and you can catch them at London’s Underworld on the 19th.

Carach Angren: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | flickr | youtube

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