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Album News: Ex Deo, Black Star Riders, Mord’A’Stigmata, KforKill

Another dollop of news from across the genres…

Ex Deo

After announcing a hiatus a couple of years back, Ex Deo made rumblings of a comeback earlier this year. Well we now have the first full sampling from their forthcoming third album The Immortal Wars which will hit us like a sharpened gladius on February 24th. The tracklist is as follows:

  1. The Rise of Hannibal
  2. Hispania (The Siege of Saguntum)
  3. Crossing of the Alps
  4. Suavetaurilia (Intermezzo)
  5. Cato Major: Carthago delenda est!
  6. Ad Victoriam (The Battle of Zama)
  7. The Spoils of War
  8. The Roman

Black Star Riders

Black Star Riders are set to release their forthcoming album Heavy Fire on the 3rd of February 2017. In anticipation of the release, the band have unveiled a third video trailer in which Damon Johnson, Ricky Warwick and Scott Gorham discuss returning to the studio with The Killer Instinct’s producer Nick Raskulinecz (Rush, The Foo Fighters, Mastodon).

Ricky comments:

Well you know we had such as good time making The Killer Instinct with him. Nick’s a great guy, he’s a musical genius, he’s sonically very together and has great ears. He’s got a great passion for music, 24/7 he never switches off. The Killer Instinct was a very successful record for us and we felt there was no need to change the team because we were happy. I think that’s helped develop our own sound.

Heavy Fire can be pre-ordered on Amazon: [amazon text=download&asin=B01N00R8P0] / [amazon text=CD&asin=B01N8VSW3H] / [amazon text=digibook&asin=B01MYMZ9D9] / [amazon text=gatefold picture disc vinyl&asin=B01MYMZ87C] / [amazon text=gatefold vinyl&asin=B01MSM91MA] (links support our site)


The fourth full-length work in the discography of Mord’A’Stigmata is planned for a 17 February 2017 release via Pagan Records. Hope is the follow-up to 2013’s critically acclaimed Ansia, which exposed the band to the global spotlight. The record’s enigmatic cover artwork was done by Bartek Rogalewicz (Rogi, Non Opus Dei).

Hope Track List:

  1. Hope
  2. The Tomb from Fear and Doubt
  3. To Keep the Blood
  4. In Less Than No Time

Hope will be available on CD, LP and digital. Mord’A’Stigmata mainman, Static (guitars), explains:

I once said Ansia was so personal that I needed time to take some rest from the whole experience. I needed distance and the clearing of thoughts before I hit the new ideas. Back then, I couldn’t even imagine the circumstances under which the music and words for the fourth major Mord’A’Stigmata release will be written. I was given a choice: either to go for an extreme emotional exposure or wait another two or three years for the works to commence. The creative hunger prevailed and so did the weird need of reopening the wounds, hoping that things would someday be as they used to.

This is what this record is about. It is hard for me to call the music on Hope black metal. Anyway, I get the impression that the term is frequently abused and given a wrong meaning nowadays. As usual, we came up with a mixture of styles to be named by people wiser than us. We play more with hearts than with heads and do not intend to play someone we are not. And that’s actually what Hope is, the music of pure emotions.


KforKill deliver gut-wrenching death metal, and have been lurking in the dark underground of Copenhagen for a couple of years. They will be releasing their ambitious and visionary debut album The World is Broken, which has been produced and mixed by the renowned Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Aborted, Amaranthe, Mercenary a.o.).

You can already listen to the first single from that album below. The single “Halo of Paleness” is filled with hate towards that person you just want out of your life. The upcoming album The World Is Broken is self-released and will be out February 10th 2017.


  1. Living…
  2. In Paradise
  3. What Doesn’t Kill You
  4. Halo of Paleness
  5. I’m Death
  6. Die on your Knees
  7. All Hail the Dead
  8. Whiskey & Cocaine
  9. Fetus the Holy Cyst
  10. Alpha: I
  11. Alpha: II


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