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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Is HeavyCon dead? (Looks like it…)

HeavyCon 2016 192We’ve had a few concerned punters getting in touch to ask about HeavyCon UK, which seems to have gone silent. In honesty, we don’t know any more than anyone else but we can piece together a fair bit and it’s not looking good from our neutral viewpoint.

Team Rock withdrew as a major media partner last week, though the post they put on their website announcing this has since been taken down. On checking the HevyCon website, all the sub-pages seem to pop up “404 – page missing” errors… including the page for contacting the event organisers. On checking the ticket links, they have disappeared from the vendor’s website. HeavyCon’s facebook page has also disappeared as has their Twitter feed and Instagram channel. Their YouTube has two videos, the last from five months ago.

We would heartily recommend that anyone who has purchased a ticket get in touch with the place they bought them from as they may be able to offer further advice. The listed vendor on the site is Ticket Factory and these are their contact details.

In short, though, it really doesn’t look good. A shame as the event looks (looked?) fantastic.

UPDATED: according to KissInUK, the event is being wrapped up and “elements” bundled into Insomnia60, a gaming event being held at the NEC but in April 2017. Obviously this will have an effect on the acts and guests who will be able to appear. We’d surmise this classes as a cancellation and our advice remains the same – contact your ticket vendor.

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