Ghost Season announce further debut album details

Athens-based alternative metal band Ghost Season have announced their first full length album titled Like Stars In A Neon Sky. The ten-track album will arrive on September 15th on CD and digital release.

Ghost Season

Like Stars In A Neon Sky follows the band’s EP Ghosts Like Her from 2014, and the single “Break My Chains” from December of 2015. It also marks the debut album of Ghost Season’s new lineup with Helen Nota as the drummer of the band.

Though Ghost Season now operate as a four-piece, the physical absence of the second guitarist goes sonically unnoticed — their metal-soaked sound remains firmly intact. The album was mixed and mastered by Nick Christolis (guitarist of the band) along with the vocalist J.Loren Wince of the American-based Alternative Rock band HURT not only co-producing it but showing the band different directions and perspectives and getting involved in every single song.

The same day as the album release, Ghost Season will drop their new video clip for the song “Fade Away”. The album will also contain a cover of Savage Garden’s “Break Me Shake Me”.

Like Stars In A Neon Sky tracklist:

  1. Fade Away
  2. Sons Of Yesterday
  3. Break My Chains
  4. The High Way
  5. Of Hearts And Shadows
  6. The Mirror
  7. Just A Lie
  8. The Vampire
  9. War Of Voices
  10. Break Me Shake Me

Ghost Season: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | instagram | bigcartel

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