Album Updates: Into The Fire, Viola Beach, Guitar Force, Feral Light

Some really juicy ones for you today…

Into The Fire

American hard rock band Into the Fire was conceived in 2013 by vocalist Bryan Scott (The Union Underground, Cult To Follow), bassist Tim King (SOiL) and guitarist Adam Zadel (SOiL). Long time friend Will Hunt (Evanescence) was brought in on drums soon after.

I’m a huge fan of the late, lamented Union Underground and one of the tracks on the trailer video below really sounds like a blast from the past. The self-titled EP comes out on September 30th.

Viola Beach

Far more laid back and melodic, Viola Beach’s new album is out today. It’s the debut from the Warrington 4-piece and you can check out one track below. It’s also a bittersweet release as – as I’m sure many will remember – the band and their manager died in a car crash in Sweden earlier this year. It’s great to see the album getting the release it deserved and I hope it’s a fitting memorial to this bunch of talented young guys and the person who was getting them further in their musical careers.

There’s been a lot of media coverage regarding the album and it’s not the kind of music we’d normally feature, but take it from me it’s a damn fine release. If you want to spread your musical wings and pay tribute to a band taken far, far before their time then it’s well recommended.

Guitar Force - Different UniverseGuitar Force

New album coming your way on September 16th from Poland’s Guitar Force. Guitar Force was founded in 2007 by Marcin Habaj – a guitarist, a composer and lyrics author. It consists of 5 young people from south – eastern Poland and music style oscillates around hard rock and heavy metal.

Album track list:
1. To the End Of The World With Ronin
2. Tribute
3. Punishment
4. Nurt
5. At The Crossroads
6. Magical Power
7. Without Names
8. Forever
9. Another World
10. White Lady

Feral LightFeral Light

Coming August 19th – A Sound of Moving Shields, the debut EP release by black metal/crust mercenaries Feral Light, a Minnesota-based three-piece formed by ex-members of Wolvhammer, Empires, Manetheren, and Finger of Scorn.

A Sound of Moving Shields follows seamlessly in the footsteps of Wolvhammer’s glorious Profound Lore Records debut album The Obsidian Plains – materialising as a downcast howl of war-torn vocals funnelled through lyrical content dealing with warfare and militarism, and shaped by the unholy bond between the savage grimness of ancient Scandinavian-styled black metal, the filth and abjection of British crust and post-punk, and the unmistakable punch in the guts that comes only from the rawest rock and roll.

Cvlt Nation are streaming the first track.

Track list:

1. Mercenary
2. Hell By Compass
3. Baptized In Shellfire
4. In Glorious Battle Slain
5. Ultima Ratio Regum

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