Album Artwork Updates – Vader and Crobot

Two bands have unleashed pretty pictures today, with cover art from upcoming EP/album releases from Vader and Crobot being revealed.

Vader - Iron TimesVader

Polish death metallers Vader will release an EP called Iron Times on August 12th. The cover art was created by renowned artist Joe Petagno, who also made the artwork for Vader’s latest EP Go To Hell. It features four tracks:

  1. Parabellum
  2. Prayer To The God Of Wa
  3. Piesc I Stal
  4. Overkill

The band are also releasing their next full album, Empire, on November 4th. You’re spoiled, you really are.

Crobot - Welcome to Fat CityCrobot

Crobot have just unveiled their trippy psychedelic artwork for upcoming album Welcome To Fat City. Recorded with producer, Machine (Clutch, Lamb of God, Every Time I Die), and mixed by engineer Alan Moulder (Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, Them Crooked Vultures, Led Zeppelin), Welcome To Fat City is due for release September 23 via Nuclear Blast.

The artwork for the album, once again by guitarist Chris Bishop, features his otherworldly anamorphic psychedelic illustrations that, when held up to a special reflective sleeve that comes with the vinyl, reveal the Spaceborne Killer (a fictitious character that their first record was based on). Bishop explains:

We wanted to do something completely different and not take ourselves too seriously… I was going for a Simpsons on acid feel. If the Simpsons aren’t already on enough acid. I really wanted it to have a graffiti/ street art feel to play into the album name. I spent a lot of time hiding anamorphic images and messages in the art as well, so hopefully our fans have fun finding those Easter eggs. Some of my inspirations for the album art are people like Dallas artist Michael Reeder, who does some of my favorite portrait styled street art, and Broken Fingaz Crew from Israel who do a lot of propaganda styled stuff. Much respect to those guys.

They’ve also dropped a strange, gravy-related promo video…

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