Misteyes – new album update

Misteyes - Creeping TimeItalian metallers Misteyes release their debut album Creeping Time through Maple Metal on April 8th. Today they release the track listing and cover art (by well-known Italian artist Design
Overload) along with an album trailer. We already ran the first single from the album, “The Prey”, a couple of weeks ago.

Creeping Time Track Listing:

1. The Last Knell (Intro)
2. Creeping Time
3. Brains In A Vat
4. Inside The Golden Cage
5. Lady Loneliness
6. The Prey
7. Destroy Your Past
8. The Demon Of Fear [feat. Roberto Pasolini from Embryo]
9. A Fragile Balance (Awake The Beast – Part 1) [feat. Mattia Casabona from Aspasia]
10. Chaos (Awake The Beast – Part 2) [feat. Mattia Casabona from Aspasia]
11. Decapitated Rose [feat. Björn “Speed” Strid from Soilwork]
12. Winter’s Judgment [feat. Nicole Ansperger from Eluveitie]

The album can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes.

Misteyes: facebook | bandcamp | reverbnation

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