Fun with SuperHillCool!

SuperHillCool 192Just in time for the silly season comes something wonderfully silly, and also very metal. With a style in the vein of Family Guy and American Dad, the first episode of SuperHillCool landed on YouTube the other day and it bodes well for future instalments.

That episode is embedded below, but you can subscribe on their YouTube page so you don’t miss the forthcoming ones.

A bit more about the series:

A brand new 100% D.I.Y. Animated Cartoon Series has hit town!! SUPERHILLCOOL™ is a fictional and insane Italian-born rock band, who’ve come to the United States for an intense promotional tour. To pay for their gas and the other tour expenses, they start making a “live” show inside their bus, interviewing anyone they meet on their journey: popular bands, actors, items, fictional characters…ANYTHING. Besides, their tour bus is always in motion. There’s nothing serious in this cartoon – Except great music.

In this first senseless video SuperHillCool™ interview the world famous, kick-ass Slipknot…but nothing goes as expected. The undisputed star of this and the next episodes is MUSIC, in all its forms: not only rock but also pop, dance, metal or hip-hop. No genre will be left behind.

Las Vegas based production Company Tuttipazzi Inc has been able to start this series with no budget, through hard work and stubbornness of its big Italian heart. Sergio Barbasso, creator of all stories and characters of this series, has been involved directly in every phase of the making process, from the idea to the animation itself.

An adventure undertaken 7 years ago in comic version, always self-produced, now finally takes life on the screen. The living proof that if you believe strongly in something but you have nothing but your passion, everything is possible. It’s just a matter of time.

SuperHillCool: facebook | youtube

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