Line of Fire announce new EP

Line of Fire band 192Lifted from a post the guys just put up on facebook…

Those of you that have seen us live in recent months probably would have witnessed us play a new song named “Purple Sky”. Well we locked ourselves away last month with our buddy Kev and recorded 3 tracks:

  1. Purple Sky
  2. Lifetime Alone (2015 Re-recording)
  3. Wrong Side of the Tracks (2015 Re-recording)

Its going to be called the Purple Sky EP and will be a digital only release (Date/Price TBC). It will be available on all your regular sites (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play etc.) and we will have QR codes on our merch stand, and on here. You can scan with your phone (Android and iPhone) and it will take you to the appropriate place to purchase Purple Sky.

We also recently met up with our good friend Jay where we took some new promo shots [pics used here – Mosh]. We are big fans of Jay’s work and look forward to sharing more images with the Purple Sky EP.

Line of Fire: facebook

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