Ashestoangels Announce Release Of ‘Horror Cult: New Grave Edition’

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Britain’s favourite Goth Rockers Ashestoangels have today announced the release of a special edition of their latest album, the William Control produced Horror Cult. Entitled Horror Cult: New Grave Edition, the album will be released on July 17th, and features a live version of each track. Not only that but instead of going the traditional CD route, the album will be released on black Ashestoangels USB wristbands.

Ashestoangels vocalist Crilly comments:

We are so proud of Horror Cult. We wanted a chance to show everybody what we made, so we decided to create this special edition of the record backed with a live version of every track. We wrote these songs to be performed and we are so excited to be able to share that with the world.


  1. 666
  2. The Wake
  3. 1708
  4. Bury Us In Black
  5. Heavy Words And Hollow Bones
  6. Still Dead
  7. Run
  8. Mary Jane Kelly
  9. Living Hell
  10. Reason To Stay
  11. 666 (Live in Bristol)
  12. The Wake (Live in Bristol)
  13. 1708 (Live in Bristol)
  14. Bury Us In Black (Live in Bristol)
  15. Heavy Words And Hollow Bones (Live in Bristol)
  16. Still Dead (Live in Bristol)
  17. Run (Live in Bristol)
  18. Mary Jane Kelly (Live in Bristol)
  19. Living Hell (Live in Bristol)
  20. Reason To Stay (Live in Bristol)

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