Welsh melodic tech rockers The Decoy announce new EP

The Decoy - ParasitesEclectic melodic tech-rock trio The Decoy are set to release their new EP, Parasites, on May 25th via Ghoulish Records.

The perfect introduction to this vibrant young Welsh band, this 4-track EP packs in a huge amount of sound and draws on a staggering range of influences in spite of the relatively brief running time.

Citing comparisons as diverse as Reuben, QOTSA, Gorillaz, early Biffy Clyro and The Police, the trio interweave triple vocals with funky basslines and thumping riffs. Combined with a healthy dose of noise rock, Parasites is a heady and compellingly catchy listen.

Parasites was recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Reuben, A Plastic Rose).

Track list:

  1. Moustache Cash Dash
  2. Vultures
  3. Parasite

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