Thee Massacre Van Break-In Fund

Thee Massacre vanAnother month, another band announcing that their van has been broken into and gear damaged or stolen. Depressing reading, and I hope the scum who robbed Thee Massacre (former Band of the Day) get caught by a bunch of bikers who make SAMCRO look like pussies.

D.J. Gunnarson of the band dropped me a message earlier today:

Unfortunately our van was recently broken into and robbed, and we have an indiegogo campaign trying to recoup some of the loss. We have items and perks available, so nobody walks away empty handed. If you would be willing to share this link we would more than appreciate it. We have a West Coast tour planned with Motograter and Thira planned for next month, and it’ll be hard to pull of without some help.

Thanks for everything. We really appreciate all the help you’ve already given us, and we are grateful for people like you helping our band.

How could I say “no” to a request like that? Indeed the indiegogo campaign has a cracking set of deals on it for donations of all sizes, from a handful of stickers right up to a lifelong backstage pass! And every gift (excluding the last one, sadly) are suitable for yourself and your pet cat! How could you say no?

If you’re a fan who was going to buy the new album anyway – once it’s recorded – this is your chance to both pre-order it and dig the band out of a hole. Pay it forward, folks, and please spread the word as well.

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