Red Rum begin Kickstarter campaign

Red Rum logo 192MoshRed Rum are seeking funding to record some new material. They cite one of the delays as the cost of touring with Alestorm a few months ago, which highlights a problem for fledgling bands – they often throw more cash into their music than they get out.

However… on the strength of their performance in Glasgow that night (and a great chat with them before the gig), I can wholeheartedly tell you that they deserve the help and the cash. I’ll be throwing some amount at them and do note that no money is taken from you until the project is fully funded.

Their target is £1500, and as of 9am on March 18th they’ve raised £160 (after an hour or so). THE LINK IS HERE and the promo video is down below to convince you to part with your cash.

There are some great bundle deals (bandanas, t-shirts, etc.) and if you cough up £500 the band will play a gig in your home town for you! UK only, but you could always move here to take advantage!

The following from the band:

Our kickstarter campaign has officially started!

For the last two years we have been promising new music releases from our proposed full length epic: Vikingaold to our Acoustic EP, all of which have been written, rehearsed and are ready to record but have been cancelled partially due to the overwhelming costs of the Alestorm tour and general lack of funds since.

If this album is going to happen, we’ll have no choice but to turn to you guys for help.

Over the next 34 days, we hope to raise £1500 to record the best pirate metal album EVER!

To do this we would need only 100 people to donate £15. These donators would receive a physical copy of the album and the new t-shirt when completed. There are of course various other rewards for different pledge amounts.

We really hope we can do this, but we cannot do it without you!


Red Rum x

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