Music For Nations is back!

Music For Nations logo 192This is brilliant news. I swear half of my old vinyl collection is MfN. Press release follows! Mosh

Music For Nations, the celebrated and legendary Heavy Metal, Rock and Prog record label has returned.

In a series of reissues, the label will be celebrating some of the most iconic records by some of the World’s most influential bands. As well as reissues, the label will be signing new artists for the first time in over a decade.

Music For Nations importance cannot be under estimated. Either signing, exclusively distributing or collaborating with artist including Metallica, Tool, Slayer, Opeth, Cradle of Filth, Anathema, Entombed, Poison, WASP, Frank Zappa. As well as licensing deals with some of the seminal labels including Metal Blade, Peaceville and Rise Above.

Ever headbanged?

Chances are it was to a track released on Music for Nations.

Dom Lawson of Metal Hammer and the Guardian reflects.

From metal milestones by the likes of Metallica, Manowar and Opeth through to cult classics by Mindfunk, The Beyond and Dearly Beheaded, Music For Nations’ vision and towering roster has provided me with some of the greatest and most enduring music I’ve ever heard. It is supremely exciting to witness the return of this deservedly revered label.

Available in April (and to pre-order from February 16th), Liverpool’s Anathema release their MFN back catalogue. Songwriter and guitarist Daniel Cavanagh shared his enthusiasm for the project saying:

I’m really happy that after all these years, the Music For Nations era of Anathema music is finally receiving the attention, respect and treatment it deserves. It has been a great pleasure to work on this package. Everything from supplying the additional artwork, the remastering process of the albums, and the chance to add a surprise or two, has been a wonderful process.


  • Fine Days. 3CD/1DVD box set covering the band’s MFN catalogue. Digitally remastered, new track and liner notes from the band.
  • Judgement LP vinyl with CD Remastered
  • A Fine Day to Exit LP Vinyl with CD Remastered
  • A Natural Disaster LP Vinyl with CD Remastered

Available in Autumn 2015 / early 2016:

  • Paradise Lost’s back catalogue expanded and remastered
  • Opeth’s three seminal albums, Blackwater Park, Damnation & Deliverance special reissues
  • Spiritual Beggar’s back catalogue released on LP for the first time
  • Cradle of Filth and other MFN artists to be confirmed shortly

In 2015 Music For Nations will be releasing music, by new bands, in a series of 7” singles and compilations. Expect the heaviness.

And finally, from today, available digitally for the first time in many territories the following classic Music For Nations releases:

  • Paradise Lost – One Second
  • Spiritual Beggars – Another Way to Shine
  • Spiritual Beggars – Mantra III
  • Spiritual Beggars – Ad Astra
  • Hardcore Superstar – Bad Sneakers and a Pina Colada
  • Hardcore Superstar – No Regrets
  • Hardcore Superstar – Thank you (For Letting us be Ourselves)
  • Firebird – Deluxe
  • Inme – Overgrown Eden
  • Sugarcoma – Becoming Something Else
  • Lost Horizon – Awakening The World
  • Lost Horizon – A Flame to the Ground Beneath
  • Elend – Umbersun
  • El Caco – Viva

Music For Nations.

Old Label.

New Danger.

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