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Lay it on the Line 192Hardcore band (and former Band of the Day) Lay It On The Line (formed in 2012 in the more depressing parts of South London) are back with a new lineup, following the band splitting in two during the planned recording of their debut album. Vocalist Mike and drummer Matt carried on – getting Duncan (ex-Hang The Bastard) in on bass and Hannah (ex-The Ramonas) on guitar, they have announced both a new EP and a new album to follow that.

Thsong featured below is the lead track from the EP. “Laid Bare” is from A Prelude To The Process – a five track glimpse into the band’s fascination with the shady cult religion The Process Church of The Final Judgment. All the songs from the EP and the album are based on the teachings of The Process (the inspiration used by Integrity, Rot In Hell and others before them).

The EP will be out on CD and download, via Cambridge label Aaahh!! Real Records on March 9th. The album, Black Museum will follow late summer.

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