Imperative Music makes first signing

Neuromorph bandImperative Music have signed a record deal with Patrick Mameli, founder of Pestilence, the Dutch Godfathers of Death Metal. Imperative Music was founded in 2007 and they have great confidence that Mameli’s Neuromorph is the perfect band to be signed to the label.

It’s not a secret that Patrick Mameli is musically very talented and creative. It is documented in the metal community around the world with noteworthy albums in their career since 1986. Growing from strength to strength, Patrick Mameli has focused entirely on Neuromorph.

This album will be a total new and fresh style within the extreme music. Not dissimilar to the jazz fusion elements found on Spheres, but combined with the modern Pestilence riffing attack, Neuromorph is set to blast past all expecations and shatter the eardrums of those thinking this is just going to be another straightforward “Jazzy progressive metal” album.

It has some similarities to jazz fusion, but these riffs and songs will be very different to Pestilence.

The album title is Synaptic and will be released sometime during 2015.


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