Snovonne kicks off Indiegogo campaign for her new album

Snovonne bandSnovonne, the Heavy Metal / Theatrical artist that gave us 2012’s The Nightmare Bride is kicking off her new album recording and new tour with an Indiegogo Campaign that has a lot of great perks inside it.

As Sno put it herself:

The one great thing about fundraising campaigns is that YOU, the listener, are no longer at the mercy of major channels that filter what you listen to by shoving it in your face repeatedly until you actually think you like it. Here, you choose what you like and you support it. When you support it, it’s going to happen. It’ll be all yours and made with love.

The campaign will offer personal one-off items as well as the album when its releases, vinyl versions of it, tees and the usual swag you’d get. Some really amazing items are the Personalized Paintings and the Baby Simon handmade teddies….by Snovonne herself no less.

Snovonne is on tour in Europe now and will be recording video and audio as well as reaching out to all who get involved in the campaign while she’s on the road.

You can join the campaign by visiting its Indigogo page.

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