Havenless (France) sign with Wormholedeath

Havenless - The Crimson LinesFrench progressive death metal combo Havenless have signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their debut album The Crimson Lines. The record, produced by Wahoomi Corvi and mastered by Jonas Lindström, will be available worldwide during this winter.

Official release dates will be announced soon by The Orchard and Aural Music.

About the band:

Havenless was created in France , in early 2012, by singer/guitarist/composer Fred Blanchard (Ossuaire, ex-Fate of fallacy, Onyrisme). The line-up was completed with bass player Vincent Mattana (ex-Fate of Fallacy, ex-Sylver Machine), guitar player Benoit Bonnoron and drummer Vincent Roubière (ex-Offending, Reverence, Asmodee, Sael). After some shows in the south west of France, Vincent Roubière left the band. Recently, a new drummer named Romain Choisy joined Havenless.

After the first album came out, Vincent Mattana decided to leave the band to be replaced by the bass player Christine Lanusse (Quantice). HAVENLESS released their debut EP “Architecture of plague”, which was recorded and mixed at Echoes Studio in May by Raphaël Henry and mastered in July at Ubik Masering by keyboard player Pierre-Yves Marani.

The band’s progressive death metal sound is strongly influenced by Opeth, Ihsahn, Enslaved, and Porcupine Tree whereas the lyrics may remind King Diamond’s style .

To celebrate this great event the band have posted a full song preview online for the track “Lamentation”, which you can see below.

Track listing:

  1. Prelude
  2. Sons of the Raging Season
  3. Nightwalk for Tragedy
  4. Orphans of Magic
  5. Cold Shape
  6. House of the Bleak
  7. In the Soreness Chamber
  8. Lamentation
  9. Shades in the Moor

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