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Chronographs lose vocalist – think you’d fit the bill?

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Half way through their monthly single release campaign, vocalist, and one of the founding members of Alternative Rock band Chronographs, has left the group.

The departure of vocalist, Jon Sinfield, leaves the group in limbo – Now searching for a new vocalist to continue their monthly release schedule.

Do you have what it takes to become the new vocalist of Chronographs? Chronographs have released the brand new single “Wax On” as an instrumental version for YOU to write and record your own vocals to.

To apply to be the new vocalist of Chronographs:

Stream the new single, “Wax On”, below.

Speaking on his departure from the band, ex-vocalist, Jon Sinfield:

As some of you closer to the band may already know, I’ve recently started my training to become a teacher – a decision I made at the last minute in the Summer of 2014 after almost a year of working a shit job for shit pay. Although this decision has a positive impact on the rest of my life as an individual, it’s not a place I imagined myself being in 6 months ago when we decided to start releasing a track every month for a year, and it doesn’t fit in with the vision of the rest of the band for the next 6 months.

Chronographs has been an enormous part of my life for the past 5 years, and some of the people within it for many years before then, so this is not a decision I make lightly – these guys are both some of my best friends, and the most talented musicians I have ever worked with. I started Chronographs as a hardcore punk project in early 2008, this band has been my passion for a long time, and I feel very strongly about anyone filling my shoes as singer.

As someone who has been closely involved in what the guys have been producing for the coming 6 months, I can assure every single one of you that the material that is coming is brilliant – whether headed up by me or someone else, it will be outstanding.

I can only thank every single fan, promoter, agent, label, manager, venue, van driver, or anyone that has ever helped us, bought our music, promoted our music, or played a show with us. You’ve made my time with Chronographs absolutely worthwhile, and all of the hard work involved in starting the band and keeping it going 100% worth it. I only hope that you all continue to support the guys in what they do in the future.

The band released this statement regarding Jon’s departure:

It’s sad for all of us to lose Jon as for the past 4 years we have been creating as a unit of five – but for all of us we’re moving forward to exciting times.

We can’t wish Jon more luck on his journey into teaching: a career which we deem as one of the most vital and respectable professions in today’s society.

As for Chronographs we are now in one of the most exciting phases a creative group can be in – a time of instability. We’re rushing towards the unknown and we’re all eagerly anticipating the auditions. Chronographs the band could go anywhere from here and as a creative minds, we couldn’t be happier.

Next time you hear from us we’ll have big news, new music and a new member and what more could we want to promise our fans.

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