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Solace of Requiem partners with three charitable organisations

Solace of Requiem - Casting RuinTechnical blackened death metal trio Solace of Requiem has announced a partnership with various charities that help promote arts, education, music and free-thought to children in need. The band will donate 10% of all online clothing sales to one of the following – The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, Camp Quest or the International Child Art Foundation. Members of Solace of Requiem explain in further detail in the following statement:

“It is with extreme pleasure that we can finally say that Solace Of Requiem will now be donating 10% of all online clothing sales towards three wonderful children’s charities. We wanted to give our “secular” support to Science and The Arts and we are delighted to say that we have found three charities that fit that criteria perfectly. But before we tell you about the charities, we’re going to tell you a little bit about how this works. Firstly, the 10% donation is non negotiable. If you buy an article of clothing from our Online Store, 10% of that money is going to one of those three charities for kids, whether you like it or not. The next thing you need to know is that when you select the size and quantity of your order, you will see an additional drop-down menu that will give you the list of three charities you have to choose from. It is your choice which of the three charities your 10% will be donated to. However, if you choose not to select one of the charities before making your purchase, your 10% will be automatically donated to our default charity. We’ll tell you more about who that default is really soon. First we’d like to tell you about how the money will be handled. PayPal will not be involved in any of the transactions. However, you will have the donation accounted for on your bill and receipt from PayPal. Once every 3 months, we will tally all the numbers and make a donation to each charity accordingly. This ensures that the 10% you have donated will not be taxed on our end and the full dollar amount of your percentage will be given to the charity you have chosen.

Wow! Sure glad all that’s out of the way! Now we can tell you a little bit more about the charities. First up is our default choice. In other words, if you don’t make a selection on the charity drop-down menu, then your 10% will go to these guys by default. And this prestigious title goes to none other than The Dreaming Zebra Foundation. For those of you not familiar with TDZF, they are an international organization that is dedicated to bringing art and music to unfortunate children all over the globe. Some kids they help have never even seen a crayon, let alone a musical instrument. Who knows what Salvador Dalí or Pablo Picasso lives in a place with no damn crayons?! There just so happens to be plenty of places with no crayons, so that’s why they need your help. To learn more, visit WWW.DREAMINGZEBRA.ORG.

Next up we have a place that we personally felt brought the whole idea together. Without them, it wouldn’t be nearly as awesome for us as it is now that we get to write Camp Quest will be on our unholy trinity of charities. If you have never heard of Camp Quest, we strongly encourage you all to take a look. CQ provides residential summer camps for the children of atheists, freethinkers, secular humanists, and humanists. Their mission is to instill certain values in children, such as integrity, empathy, creativity, critical thinking, and community. CQ has camps in various location in the United States, as well one in the UK and one in Switzerland. There also happens to be one in our beloved frontman’s hometown of Tidewater, Virginia. To learn more about Camp Quest and all the great things they do, please visit them at WWW.CAMPQUEST.ORG.

Last, but certainly not least, our third and final charity to receive our heathen support is the International Child Art Foundation. ICAF is known for the many things in regard to bringing art to more unfortunate children. However, there’s one thing that these guys do that really makes us want to help them in their honorable cause and that is that they work mainly with children that have suffered through natural disasters, catastrophes and even war. These guys do all they can to bring art and its education to children all over the world and we are very proud to be one of their supporters. If you would like to learn more about ICAF and their ongoing mission to bring color to bleak situations, please visit them at WWW.ICAF.ORG.

Now we only have one piece of the puzzle that’s missing. YOU! So get off your ass and go help these kids and yourself by picking up some Solace Of Requiem merchandise. Although you’d be far less fashionable, if you’d like to donate to the charities directly without buying any of our merchandise, please click on one of the above links.


Last month, Solace of Requiem released their fourth slab of extremity, Casting Ruin, via ViciSolum Productions. The album is easily the band’s finest hour. These nine highly evolved, yet relentlessly violent tracks are as listenable as they are devastating.

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