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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Still Bust – new EP out Sept 8

Still Bust - 77 For You (57 For Me)The new EP contains 4 tracks of chaotic, technical hardcore punk. Named 77 For You (57 For Me), the title refers to vocalist/guitarist, Matty, and how he deals with diabetes. 77 is the average life expectancy for someone without diabetes compared with someone who does. The theme of the EP is not “woe is me” but more “deal with your shit”. Most of the songs are written by Matty and reflect things going on in his head at the time, and his disdain of the small things in life that we fret over too much.

77 For You (57 For Me) is a follow up to Still Bust’s debut album A Few Things We Might Agree On (A Few Things We Might Not) released May 2013. It is to be released on 12″ White Vinyl & Digital formats, through Matt Records on Monday 08/09/2014.


  1. It’s Your Fault And You’re Stupid (Kind Regards Barbaros Icoglu)
  2. Tv On After Breakfast (Would You Like Your Hair Cut Today)
  3. I’ve Never Been More Happy To Have A Hypo (However This Could Mean I Have Irreparable Knee Damage)
  4. Twenty Foot (Broken Foot)

It’s available for pre-order (£7 including a digital download link) from their Big Cartel shop.

The band’s promo spiel is worth repeating here as well!

Still Bust are from Gloucester, UK.

Still Bust have done the following things.

  1. Taken almost ten years to record anything worth listening to.
  2. Covered an inebriated asian in so much flour that a magazine saw it fit to give them a prize.
  3. Stood next to/partied with/met the inlaws and wife of the lead singer of Sepultura.
  4. Witnessed a dead trucker in a snow storm.
  5. Sat next to an excited canadian doing blow with two chinese men in a bar in Prague.
  6. Toured Europe that many times, they have lost count. Did the UK at somepoint too.
  7. Destroyed a house.
  8. Slept in the middle of a doggers car park.
  9. Left a van in Germany.
  10. Played a show in clothes found in the attic of a nightclub (as a result of 9).
  11. Never played a show in Luxembourg, despite having two booked… both due to our own misfortune.
  12. Seen so many penis’ that they are now completely desensitized to the sight of one.
  13. Drunk homemade wine whilst setting fire to each others pubic hair in a Croatian bungalow.
  14. Partied naked HARD!
  15. Lost 84% of games of table football they’ve played.
  16. Broke the gear box of their van an hour away from home at the start of a 3 week tour around Europe. Decided to drive the whole way with only 4 working gears while failing to invest in breakdown cover. Somehow managed to get home unscathed.
  17. Ate a deer.
  18. Had no-one turn up to a show in Slovenia so performed an impromptu spoken-word version of their set to the promoters and barstaff, before playing beer pong and pouring beer down their pants.
  19. Lost their long term drummer a week before recording 77 For You (57 For Me).
  20. Bribed enough people to vote for them to play Groezrock Festival, whereby the van promptly broke down hours before setting off. Shoved everything into a car and got drunk all the way to Belgium.
  21. Upset the whole town of Bridgwater.

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