Pulvis et Umbra – new album imminent

Pulvis et Umbra - Implosion of PainChicago based label Pavement Entertainment (Soil, Tantric, The Charm The Fury, Hed.Pe., Smile Empty Soul, Future Leaders Of The World, amd more ) have signed italian death metal act Pulvis et Umbra for the worldwide distribution of band’s new album titled Implosion Of Pain which is scheduled to be released on October 21.

You may remember PeU as being Band of the day a little over a week ago. Nice to get an update on their progress so soon!


  1. Lift Off
  2. Lost Moon
  3. End Of Emptiness
  4. Implosion Of Pain
  5. …’Til It Keeps Me Awake
  6. Psicostasia
  7. Soul Vertigo
  8. Ordinary Scars
  9. Lullabye
  10. Look Through The Eyes

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