Foreshadow signs sponsorship deal with Dirtbag Clothing

Foreshadow logoExtreme Metal band Foreshadow have begun a new sponsorship deal with apparel manufacturers Dirtbag Clothing! Dirtbag Clothing have worked with many bands from the Underground Metal scene all the way to larger establish acts since its inception in 1996. Foreshadow originating from Tampa, Florida (U.S.); have been blending the core Metal genres of Death Metal, Black Metal and Old School Thrash Metal to create their own, unique sound since early 2008.

Foreshadow had this to say about the recent partnership:

“Foreshadow is excited to be apart of the Dirtbag Clothing band sponsorship! It is great to be apart of a company that creates great merchandise and has the same passion for Metal Music that we as fans do.”

Keep an eye out for new Foreshadow merchandise coming soon!

Foreshadow are currently in pre-production for their third release overall, the album is expected sometime in 2015. Title, tracklisting and release date will be announced at a later date. Foreshadow’s previous works The Stranger End of Death EP (2012) and Nations of Failure (2008) can be found on Amazon and iTunes.

An Official Video Clip for the track “The Meaning Of Life”, taken from Foreshadow’s most recent release, The Stranger End of Death EP, can be viewed below.

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